Digitally track and share
water polo stats, instantly.

Taking the Pain
Out of Water Polo Stats

The FOSH is an all-digital alternative to pencil-and-paper scoring, handling in-game stat collection and dissemination, boxscore generation, statistical reporting and more.


The FOSH is designed to emulate the current scoresheet layout, allowing any experienced table staffer to quickly make the transition to digital. All reports and live stats pages are automatically generated at the click of a button.


No more blurry cell phone pictures of messy stat sheets, incomplete texts hours after the game or Monday mornings spent copying game sheets into Excel. The FOSH's automation will save time and reduce errors on gameday and on Monday.


Give fans and the media up to the second information on your team's progress. With a built-in live stats component, FOSHLive, The FOSH enables SIDs to provide unparalleled access and information on-demand.

Water Polo Enters
The Digital Age

The FOSH will revolutionize the way SIDs, media, fans and coaches interact with water polo statistics.

Purchase The FOSH

Starting at
$350 / Year
  • One License Per Competition Level
  • Supports Men's and Women's Teams
  • Live Stats
  • Team and Player Reports
  • National and Conference Leaderboards
Starting at
$350 / Year
  • Includes One Age Group (Boys & Girls)
  • $50 / Additional Age Group
  • Live Stats
  • Team and Tournament Reports
  • Cumulative Stats Across Clubs

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The Team

Ryan Sosin

Co-Founder & CEO

A Boston University MBA, Ryan was a four-time CWPA Western Division Sports Information Director of the Year with Michigan and served as the Director of Water Polo Operations at Harvard.


David Danese

Co-Founder & CFO

A Boston University MBA, David was a student-athlete on the MIT soccer team. He brings extensive experience in marketing and consulting.


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